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Nabil Islam
Jul 31, 2022
In Fashion Forum
Do you need to get your website up and running quickly? If so, using an intuitive website builder might be the solution you're looking for to build an online presence and get your business off the ground. With the right platform, you don't need to write a single line of code. Instead, you can use pre-built templates and use simple design elements to create stunning websites. Both Squarespace and Weebly top our list of user-friendly website building platforms. Each offers a wide range of features that you can benefit from regardless of the type of website you're building. However, choosing between the two can be a daunting task if you don't understand the intricacies of either platform. So, in this review, we compare Squarespace vs Weebly to help you decide if either provider is right for you. There's a lot to cover, so let's get started! What is Squarespace? squarespace webpage Squarespace is a true giant in the web building industry. It's been around since 2003 and currently has over 37,900 subscribers. This platform is always recommended for designers and creatives as it makes beautiful templates and it is easy to create stunning portfolio websites and e-commerce sites. It's also known for being an all-inclusive turnkey solution, which means it doesn't depend on extensions or plugins, Squarespace has all the essential features built in. Its multi-tool kit includes e-commerce functionality, blogging platform, membership creation and SEO (Search Engine Optimization) functionality. Typically, Squarespace is suitable for small and medium businesses. 👉 Read our full Squarespace review . What is Weebly? Squarespace vs Webley Weebly is another website builder that strives to be one of the easiest to use website builders on the market. It beats Squarespace when it comes to simplicity. Some consider it a great choice for beginners. Like its competitors, you can start building your website using pre-designed website templates. However, Weebly is best for small businesses. No matter your budget, it keeps its feature suite simple and offers affordable pricing options. No less built-in features than Squarespace, Weebly. But it has an app market where you can download and use plugins and add-ons to make up for any missing functionality. 👉 Read our full Weebly review . Squarespace vs Weebly: Design As much as possible 94% of your visitors' first impressions of your website are related to design. With this in mind, the ability to customize and beautify your website is crucial. Squarespace is known for its professional, mobile responsive templates and beautiful designs. In contrast, Weebly offers gorgeous, customizable templates with an emphasis on ease of use. That said, let's see how their design capabilities compare: Squarespace Squarespace vs Webley Squarespace offers 113 professionally designed templates to choose from. All of this is stunning, so no matter which theme you choose, you're sure to get a great-looking website. Typically, Squarespace designs are centered around the visuals email list of your website, making them ideal for photography, illustrations, artwork, portfolios, and more. However, since the 7.1 update, once you've selected a template, you can no longer change it without losing everything. So, take the time to carefully choose a template that you'll be happy with for a long time. It's also worth noting that Squarespace introduces an intuitive layout system. Here you can choose different page layouts for different parts of your Squarespace website without changing your overall template, providing a lot of flexibility to divi double styling for specific pages. This is another feature that trumps Weebly's sometimes clunky drag-and-drop system. When it comes to web design and web building, Squarespace has an easy-to-use drag-and-drop interface. However, you cannot place web elements anywhere. Instead, the editor operates by sections, which means you can only manipulate elements within a specified area. For additional customization, you can access the element's CSS code to create custom styles. However, you need to have the necessary expertise to do this. Squarespace enables you to work with a large number of website elements. But some notable ones include photo galleries, sliders, video backgrounds, and more. Finally, there's Squarespace's powerful image editor. Squarespace automatically resizes your images to fit the display and enables you to easily crop, edit, apply filters and change properties like contrast and saturation. Weebly Squarespace vs Webley In terms of design flexibility, Weebly is very intuitive, but a bit limiting. Unfortunately, there are only 50 themes to choose from. Many of them have neither the inspiration nor the professional-looking templates of Squarespace. Theme customization is also somewhat limited. You can change the text in certain areas, including font, color, spacing, and size. However, your color choices are still limited, and you can't customize the theme's built-in color palette. Squarespace, by contrast, doesn't limit the colors you can use. However, you can access the drag and drop editor. Just drag elements from the dark grey sidebar and click to edit them. Like Squarespace, you can add custom fonts, videos, audio, image galleries, and more. Also, similar to its competitors, the drag-and-drop feature doesn't offer complete freedom. Instead, when you drag and drop elements, they snap to predetermined sections. Best of all, if you have some coding skills, you can freely edit your website's HTML and CSS. Plus, there's the added benefit that Weebly allows you to change themes at any time without having to repopulate the entire site. Design: The winner is Squarespace With more sleeker, more professional templates and a more flexible editor, Squarespace offers more design freedom. Most notably, it's easier to change the layout and colors of a page. Not to mention, its image editor is also intuitive, which is good for anyone looking to get the most out of their visuals. Squarespace vs Weebly: Ecommerce Tools Good news: If you want to start selling online using your website, Squarespace Weebly has an ecommerce feature where you can create an online store and pay for physical and digital products. Squarespace Commerce Squarespace vs Webley Suitable for small and medium businesses, Squarespace comes with fully integrated store management features that enable you to sell unlimited products on your website. Best of all, you can sell digital downloads, subscriptions, appointments, and even memberships. Not to mention that you can customize product descriptions, upload videos, set multiple product options, cross-sell related products, and more. Squarespace eCommerce also comes with: 0% transaction fee on business plan Automatic abandoned cart recovery Product catalog (ie, you can display products organized by category and an easy-to-navigate menu) You can schedule sales, promotions and new product launches Decide on different shipping options such as flat rate, pickup, weight based, etc. You can sell and accept gift cards You can generate discount codes Has a built-in tax calculation for better compliance Customers benefit from a user-friendly shopping cart Customers can create accounts and access members-only content You can use inventory management tools You can sell through Instagram Weebly eCommerce Squarespace vs Webley Weebly and Square enable you to run payments for online stores. You can choose from customizable store templates and modify them to your liking, and you'll also benefit from the following ecommerce features: You can track your inventory You can use bulk import and export functions You can send products domestically or internationally with real-time shipping rates. While Weebly doesn't integrate directly with popular shipping companies, its Shippo integration enables you to find the best deals. You can benefit from marketing tools like coupons and gift cards Customers can leave comments Customers benefit from product search bar You can use product badges for specials or limited quantities You can accept customer payments via Square, Stripe or PayPal You benefit from automatic tax calculation You can send abandoned cart emails E-commerce: The winner is Squarespace For the most part, Squarespace and Weebly are neck and neck when it comes to ecommerce capabilities. Both allow you to sell unlimited digital and physical products and have similar store management features. Overall, though, Squarespace offers better design options for your online store and allows you to sell directly through Instagram, which is not something Weebly allows you to do. Squarespace vs Weebly: Blogging Blogging is a must for many websites, so how do Squarespace and Weebly compare in this space? Squarespace Blog Squarespace Blog Squarespace's blogging tool, like all of its main features, works out of the box. You can really choose from one of several beautiful blog templates and layouts from Squarespace's trendy realm – including grids, chronological feeds, and more. Squarespace also makes it easy to organize your content by assigning tags and categories to your blog posts. Additionally, you can enable comments on posts and allow multiple contributors to create and publish blog content. Best of all, extract excerpts from blog posts and share them on your social media feeds effortlessly.
Squarespace vs Weebly (Oct 2022): Which is Supreme?
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